Tax-Efficient Charitable Gift Multipliers for Business Owners

By Robert on February 11, 2019 in


Weinstein JCC

5403 Monument Avenue, Richmond, VA 23226

Richmond, VA, US, 23226

RJF’s Professional Advisory Committee invites you to a session on  “Tax-Efficient Charitable Gift Enhancements for Business Owners” featuring Northwestern Mutual’s Jeff Hammer.

We’ll cover:

An overview of the tax-reduction opportunities — and challenges — associated with the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act and state tax laws

How charitable trusts can help shelter taxable income while positively impacting the causes you care about

How tax credits/deduction strategies can be utilized to enable some gifts to have up to 7 times their normal impact with the same amount out-of-pocket

Other gift multiplier strategies via business interests, insurance, investments, retirement accounts, intellectual property, natural resources, and real estate

Jeff Hammer is a Financial Advisor with a national practice for tailored personal, business, intellectual property and philanthropic financial planning.  He has a prior background leading $125 million and $600 million business units, along with mergers/acquisitions integrations.  His experience provides a unique perspective on business financial planning and the opportunities it presents for personal and philanthropic goals.

Breakfast will begin at 7:45. Jeff’s session will begin at 8:00 and will conclude by 9:00.