Dor L’Dor Generation to Generation
Intergenerational family philanthropic planning and leadership is supported by the Foundation. We encourage family philanthropy to assist in passing on values, strengthening future generations, respecting elders and providing opportunity to youth.

Kavod Respect
We respect our donors. We respect different points of view. We respect donor choice and autonomy. We respect the elderly. We show respect by listening, responding, acts of loving kindness, inclusiveness, integrity and truthfulness. Richmond Jewish Foundation is sensitive to donor interests and hears how it may be of service. We honor donor choices and offer opportunities that are not limited to but concentrate on Jewish purposes in central Virginia. Endow what you wish. Customer service and good relations with all are priorities and hallmarks of the Foundation culture.

Klal Yisrael Community
We value consensus and all branches of community. We welcome a great diversity of participants and beneficiaries. Practitioners of all branches of Judaism are welcome, as well as others supportive of the Foundation mission, regardless of race, creed, religion or ethnic origin. The Foundation is rooted in Virginia’s capital and proudly supportive of charities and other institutions in the region providing for the benefit of all. Richmond Jewish Foundation operates under the laws of the United States and the organization’s supporters are proudly loyal to the nation and its values.

Menschlikeit Goodness
We seek to do the right and responsible things, including the following: A donor sensitive approach allows for custom crafting of gift agreements. The Foundation gives great weight to donor vision and priorities while also seeking to provide for important or enduring communal needs. The Foundation offers sound fiduciary practices meeting promulgated standards. Richmond Jewish Foundation provides prudent and appropriate investment services for planned gifts, endowments and funds held for other charities. Decision making based on Board and Committee majority votes where appropriate. We maintain concern for the general community / others based on the concepts abbreviated as:

  • Remember the stranger;
  • But if I am only for myself; and
  • Give to both for the sake of peace

Torah Learning
We have a love of Judaic wisdom and teachings. The best Jewish values are applied to the organization that proudly serves all. Richmond Jewish Foundation educates donors, advisors and partners about giving opportunities and techniques. The Foundation serves as a trusted and informed advisor on relevant philanthropic opportunities, charitable vehicles as well as tax and legal consequences.

Tzedakah Justice & Charity
We serve as a resource for donors’ charity, justice and repair of the world (Tikkun Olam). We have an enthusiasm for planned giving, endowments, bequests, the Jewish community, Richmond, Virginia and Israel.