Richmond Jewish Foundation Our Community’s Tzedakah Box

Tzedakah boxes offer a physical reminder of the philanthropic responsibilities of members of the Jewish community. These vessels for charity, sometimes known by the Yiddish word “pushke,” can vary in shape, size, color, material and pattern. Whatever their origin, and to whomever they belong; the purpose is the same, a place to put aside charitable contributions. Richmond Jewish Foundation is also a place to put aside charitable contributions. The funds administered by the Foundation can vary in purpose, fund balance, spending policy, and payout mechanism. But each serves a worthwhile purpose associated with donors and causes of our community.

The Foundation is proud to serve figuratively as the community’s collection of Tzedakah boxes, attracting contributions, managing assets with fiduciary care, prudently administering endowment and donor advised funds, thoughtfully overseeing grant-making and carefully rendering distributions.