Tax Credit Scholarship Application

Starting in 2013 Virginia has a new scholarship program for students new to private schools called the Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit program.

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To be eligible, a student must be a resident of Virginia and

 (i) Was enrolled in the Commonwealth’s public schools for the year prior to receiving a scholarship foundation scholarship,

(ii) is a prior recipient of a scholarship foundation scholarship,

(iii) is eligible to enter kindergarten or first grade, or

(iv) was not a resident of Virginia during the preceding school year. A resident of Virginia means that the student meets the requirements of Section 22.1-3, Code of Virginia, for admission to a Virginia public school.

(v)  family’s annual household income is not in excess of 300 percent of the current poverty guidelines or to eligible students with a disability;

Students with disabilities are eligible if they have an individualized educational program that has been written and finalized in accordance with the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), regulations promulgated pursuant to IDEA, and regulations of the Board of Education; and whose family’s annual household income is not in excess of 400 percent of the current poverty guidelines;.

Eligible private schools must meet certain guidelines including:

1. Are in compliance with the Commonwealth’s and locality’s health and safety laws and codes,

2. Hold a valid occupancy permit as required by the locality,

3. Comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; and

4. Are accredited.

The scholarship amount is determined by the state per pupil funding for each locality.

If you are a Virginia resident or business and would like to apply for a tax credit please click Donate

Resources: Guidelines for the Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits Program